World Hearing Day 2021

Freedom Hearing supports the World Health Organisation’s call for action to address hearing loss across the life course with regular hearing tests.

World Hearing Day is celebrated on 3 March every year and this year, the theme is: Hearing Care for ALL! Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate.

Hearing loss impacts more people than just the hearing-impaired. As hearing is integral to connecting and communicating, hearing loss touches the lives of families and friends. And  because communication and good hearing are important at all stages of life, it’s important to always prioritise your hearing health.

Hearing loss and related ear diseases can be avoided through preventative actions such as: protection against loud sounds; good ear care practices and immunisation.

However, with early detection and appropriate care, hearing loss can be addressed and managed with the help of an audiology professional.

At Freedom Hearing, we don’t just promote the importance of hearing health on World Hearing Day or Hearing Awareness Week (March 1-7).  We are committed to better hearing every day.

Echoing the theme of ‘Hearing Care for ALL’, it is the Freedom Hearing mission to make high quality hearing care accessible for all people. That’s why we offer a range of services to make it as easy as possible for everyone

Improved hearing can positively impact your communication, confidence and social engagement. Take the first step towards better hearing and book a free hearing check today.

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