Who we are

Freedom Hearing offers solutions and services to help transform the lives of people with hearing loss. We have access to the latest hearing aid technology and provide personalised and expert hearing healthcare for every customer; including

Our passionate audiologists and audiometrists work in over 40 clinics and visiting sites across the country, and it is our goal to help Australians impacted by hearing loss to rediscover the volumes and vitality of life.

Our vision

To enhance the volumes and vitality of people’s lives.

When we say ‘volumes’, we don’t just mean the level or clarity of sound. We aspire to support your hearing journey for years to come. As you move through bucket lists and milestones, we are here to help enrich every stage – or volume – of your life.

Our mission

To make high quality hearing care accessible for all people by providing tailored and uncompromised service.

What does uncompromised mean? It means we always strive to find the best solution for your needs. Unlike other clinics, we don’t work on commission or bill by the hour. Our sole focus is to serve and support your hearing.


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