Freedom values

The Freedom Hearing values are our fundamental beliefs. They are the principles that guide how every team member behaves individually and how we operate as a business. They reflect how we treat our customers, as well as our colleagues. As we evolve, our six core values are unwavering.

enriched by diversity

Enriched by diversity

We celebrate individuality because we know our liveliness comes from our people’s different strengths, ideas, interests and backgrounds. This diversity helps us better serve the individual needs of our customers who are equally as unique.

Freedom Hearing is obsessed with the effortless

Obsessed with the effortless

Customers always come first. We preface everything we do with the question, “Can it be made even easier for the customer?”. Complex processes and jargon are the enemy; we want things as simple and comfortable for our customers.

Freedom Hearing is fiercely adaptable and ethical

Fiercely adaptable, always ethical

Technology and healthcare legislation evolves quickly – and we have the agility and expertise to match. Champion problem-solvers, we focus on the solution that best suits each customer without compromising our honesty or integrity.

unlock potential and create opportunities

Unlock potential & create opportunities

Success is measured by the positive lasting impact we impart on people’s lives. For our staff, we challenge mediocrity and nurture team growth. For our customers, we help unlock their senses and reconnect them with the world.

always looking forward

Always looking forward

We are perpetually progressing, innovating and improving. Whether fine-tuning internal processes or exploring the latest technology, we hold steadfast at the forefront of the industry, advocating the advancement of hearing health.

Freedom Hearing is always looking forward

Extraordinary care is our passion and purpose

Passion for quality healthcare is at the heart of all our staff, and we genuinely believe in our purpose to transform lives. For us, great is not good enough. We provide extraordinary care in the clinic and beyond.


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