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Hearing Loss

What causes hearing loss?

There are many different factors that might cause hearing loss, some of the most common are:

  • Prolonged exposure to loud noise
  • Obstructed ear canal
  • Trauma in the tympanic membrane
  • Head trauma
  • Infection of the ear canal
  • Natural aging process

Do I suffer from hearing loss?

Try this simple checklist;

  • Do you suffer an annoying ringing sensation or noise in your ears (tinnitus)?
  • Do you often miss conversation in background noise?
  • Do people seem like they mumble or speak in a soft voice?

  • Do you find yourself asking people to repeat what they have said?

  • Do you have difficulty hearing speech from the television or radio and require the volume to be turned up above a normal listening level?

  • Do you have difficulty understanding speech through the telephone clearly?

  • Do you feel sensitive to loud sudden noises?

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