Hearing Services Program

Freedom Hearing is an accredited service provider of the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP).

Who is eligible for the Hearing Services Program?

You are eligible if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident aged at least 21 years, and you are a:

If you fall outside this criteria, please check the Department of Health website to check if you qualify for the Community Services Obligations component of the HSP.


Freedom Hearing is an accredited service provider of the Hearing Services Program HSP

What can I receive under the Hearing Services Program?

The HSP aims to reduce the impact of hearing loss by providing eligible people with access to hearing services. This includes:


How do I apply for the Hearing Services Program?

Freedom Hearing makes the application process extremely easy. In most cases, it takes us a few minutes to assess your details and submit your application. We can immediately confirm your eligibility and book you in for the next available appointment to have your hearing assessed and hearing aids fitted.

To get started:

You can also apply for the HSP online or download a paper application form to return via post.

Please note that paper applications may take up to three to four weeks to process and any missing information may cause further delays in processing your application.


Do I have to pay a gap?

For HSP participants, your hearing assessment is fully subsidised. If your clinician determines hearing aids may benefit you, you are eligible for fully-subsidised digital hearing devices, which means you can obtain good introductory hearing aids at no cost to you.

You may be given the option to “upgrade” to hearing aids with more technological features to suit your individual lifestyle choices. This is called a partially subsidised hearing device and in this case, the HSP contributes the amount that would have been paid for a fully subsidised hearing device and you pay the balance quoted (i.e. the “gap”). If you have private health insurance, your health fund may also contribute towards your upgrade.

All fully-subsidised hearing aids provided under the Program are of high quality. Purchasing a partially subsidised hearing device is a personal choice, and you are under no obligation to do so.


Why choose Freedom Hearing?

Most other hearing providers will charge HSP participants approximately $47.25 per year, for the government-recommended annual maintenance agreement fee.

At Freedom Hearing, we proudly waive this charge so you can enjoy ongoing support, repairs and batteries – absolutely free to you.

If you choose to upgrade to a partially subsided hearing aid model, Freedom Hearing offers a lowest-price guarantee on our fantastic range of hearing aids.


What if I’m not eligible for HSP?

Not a problem. Freedom Hearing offers various services and payment plans to suit all customers’ needs and budgets.

You can still book a free hearing check and explore your private healthcare options, whether you are insured or not.

If you have been exposed to a noisy work environment for extended periods of time, be sure to ask us about industrial deafness and your potential entitlements.

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