If you depend on your hearing aids to help you hear everyday life better, then you know how important it is to quickly identify problems and troubleshoot hearing aid issues.

Common hearing aid problems

  1. There’s no sound coming from my hearing aids.
  2. My hearing aids aren’t loud enough
  3. I can hear a whistling sound coming through
  4. The sound is distorted or inconsistent

How to troubleshoot hearing aid problems

The possible causes for most hearing aid problems can be very similar. Here are some simple fixes you can perform that may resolve any one of these common issues.



Need help with your hearing aids?

If you’ve tried troubleshooting these common hearing aid problems and are still having difficulty, please contact Freedom Hearing on 1300 689 085 to book an Adjustment Appointment. We may be able to fix the issue in the clinic on the same day. If your hearing aids need a repair, your hearing professional can organise that for you as well.




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