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With over 50 hearing clinics throughout NSW, Victoria, and South Australia, Freedom Hearing is committed to transforming the lives of people over 45 years with hearing loss.

Accredited with Hearing Service Program and N.S.W, Victorian and South Australian Workcover Authorities

30 day free trial.
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5 year warranty
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0% interest payment plans  

The #1 Hearing Aid Provider for NSW, VIC & SA

For over 20 years, the Freedom Hearing team has dedicated itself to helping everyday Australians rediscover the sounds of life.

We offer access to the latest hearing aid technology and pride ourselves on offering personalise hearing healthcare from expert audiologists.

Freedom Hearing makes hearing technology more accessible.

We work with our clients to do everything we can to offer access to free hearing aids through several programs, including:

Even if our clients aren’t eligible for free hearing aids, we provide flexible zero-interest payment plans.

Our passionate team of audiologists work in over 50 clinics. Their goal, and ours, is simple:

No commissions - Our clinical staff have complete discretion to fit whichever hearing aid device that best suits your hearing loss. No commissions or other incentives offered to our clinicians.

Help the millions of Australians impacted by hearing loss to rediscover the sounds of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make high-quality hearing care accessible to everyday Australians by providing a tailored and uncompromised service.

Uncompromised service means that we strive to do everything in our power to find the best solution for your needs. Unlike other hearing clinics, we don’t bill by the hour or work on commission. Our sole focus is to serve and support your hearing by making today’s hearing technology as accessible as possible.

Our Story

Since our formation over two decades ago, Freedom Hearing has worked with hearing-impaired people over the age of 50 to provide them with accessible hearing care.

Having worked with more than 20,000 Australians over those 20+ years, we can confidently say that we are the best hearing solutions provider because of our dedication to transforming our patients’ lives.

We have always aimed to help our clients rediscover the sounds of life.

But what does that look like in practice?

Freedom Hearing offers access to the latest hearing aid technology, with our team of experts always on hand to help everyday Australians find funding sources that lower the cost of hearing aids. We operate over 50 clinics throughout Australia, all of which are staffed by professional audiologists who offer personalized and caring services. Freedom Hearing has Hearing Services Program accreditation, which allows us to provide amazing technology to everyday Australians.

Our dedication to helping you overcome hearing loss extends to the services we offer. In addition to free hearing tests, we provide a 30-day trial period on any hearing aids you purchase. Those hearing aids also receive cover from a five-year warranty that ensures long-lasting peace of mind.

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