Health Insurance and Hearing Aids

Are hearing aids covered by insurance? In some cases, the answer is yes! Your private health insurance may include extras that cover the cost of your hearing aids.

Do You Have Private Health Insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance providers don’t offer specific hearing aid insurance in Australia.

However, you may find that your provider offers an extra to your insurance policy that provides you with a hearing aid rebate of up to $1,800.

One thing that most insurance providers have in common is the waiting period for making a claim. In almost all cases, you can expect to wait for 12 months before you gain access to your extras. The frequency in which you can access those extras will also vary, though it often falls between three and five years.

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Questions to Ask Your Health Insurer

If you want to find out if your health insurance covers hearing aids, these key questions help you get to the bottom of your coverage:

  • Does my health insurance cover hearing aids?
  • What rebate do I get towards my hearing aids?
  • Am I limited to specific hearing aid models or healthcare providers under my plan?
  • Are there any criteria I need to meet to access the extras I need for my plan?
  • Do I pay my provider in full and then receive reimbursement, or does the insurance company pay the costs directly for me?

What Other Options Do I Have?

If your health insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids, you have several other options.

Hearing Services Program (HSP)

You may be able to access free hearing aids with no out-of-pocket expenses with a government-subsidised program.

Freedom Hearing Payment Plans

Spread the cost of your hearing aids across several years with a no-interest payment plan.

Workers Compensation

We'll help you seek advice to determine if you're eligible for free hearing aids via a workers’ compensation claim relating to noise-induced hearing loss.

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Health Insurance FAQs

In Australia, whether or not you can claim hearing aids on insurance can depend on the specific insurance policy you have. Some private health insurance policies may cover some or all of the cost of hearing aids. However, it is important to check with your insurance provider to see if hearing aids are covered under your policy, and if so, what the level of coverage is.

The Australian Government also provides financial assistance for hearing services through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (AGHSP) for eligible clients. This program is designed to provide free or low-cost hearing services, including hearing aids and related accessories, to people with permanent hearing loss. To be eligible, the person must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and meet certain age and means test criteria.

It is also worth checking with your state government if they have any additional programs or subsidies to help with the cost of hearing aids.

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