Private Hearing Care

Our audiologists are here to help if you’re looking for advice on any hearing-related issue. We offer private care services to clients who aren’t covered by the Hearing Services Program (HSP) and those who can not receive hearing aids via WorkCover applications.

Options for people who don't qualify for Hearing Aid subsidies

Even if your hearing care isn’t funded by a government program, you still have several options to help you access a hearing loss specialist.

  • Private healthcare

  • Interest-free payment plans

Private Healthcare

Many private health funds offer audiology as part of their extras coverage. If that includes your policy, you may be able to fund hearing checks and cover some of the cost of any hearing aids you need. Note that these benefits often have limits. A typical policy may cover between $400 and $1,600 of the cost of hearing aids. If this sum isn’t enough to cover the full cost, you must pay the difference.

Speak to your provider if you’re unsure about the coverage available. You may also be able to ask your provider if hearing aids are covered by insurance and potentially adjust your policy so you gain access to audiology as an extra.

Are Hearing Aids Covered by Private Health Insurance?

The answer depends on the type of coverage you have. The cost of hearing aids isn’t usually covered by a standard policy. However, some policies have rebates that cover some or all of the cost of audiology treatment.

If you’re asking yourself why aren’t hearing aids covered by insurance, that may be a sign that you need to adjust your policy. Look for a policy that offers audiology as a rebate, ideally with a commitment from your insurer to pay $1,000 or more towards your hearing aids.

Whatever your situation may be, Freedom Hearing wants to help by making access to hearing aids as affordable as can be. Book your free hearing check today so you can speak to one of our audiologists about your options.

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Private Hearing Care FAQs

Whether you can claim hearing aids on Bupa depends on the specific details of your health insurance policy with Bupa. Some Bupa health insurance policies may cover the cost of hearing aids, while others may not.

It’s best to check with Bupa directly, or review your policy documents, to see if hearing aids are covered. If your Bupa policy does not cover the cost of hearing aids, you may still be able to claim a portion of the cost through the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program.

This program provides eligible individuals with a range of services including hearing aids and other devices, as well as support and advice.

Additionally, some policies may have specific requirements or waiting periods that need to be met before you can claim hearing aids.

It’s important to note that hearing aids are not covered by the national healthcare system (Medicare) in Australia.

Yes, you may submit a claim for hearing aids through Medibank Private.

Private hospitals and medical services are the only services covered by private health insurance coverage.

Hearing aids are covered by your private hospital insurance since they are categorised as medical equipment.

You should speak with Medibank Private for specifics regarding your unique situation as there are some hearing aid restrictions.

Because they are pricey, not everyone can afford hearing aids.

The good news is that many hearing insurance providers provide hearing aids at a discounted price.

There are several providers of hearing insurance, but which are the best?

Since every business has its own rules and methods for establishing how much it will charge for coverage, there is no single answer to this query.

The firm that you discover to be the cheapest and to offer the finest coverage for your requirements is the best hearing insurance provider.

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