Free hearing checks

The Freedom difference

Many service providers offer free basic 15-minute hearing tests. At Freedom Hearing, we go the extra mile for you. Our free hearing tests are comprehensive and take 60 minutes because our audiology professionals are thorough with their testing and take the time to properly discuss your results, your needs and the options available with you. A full hearing assessment still at zero cost? That’s value that is loud and clear.

Why should you check your hearing?

Just like going to the doctor for routine examinations or a dental check-up, its important to prioritise and monitor your hearing.

Hearing loss is most often a gradual process. By the time you notice signs of hearing loss, the damage could already be fairly significant.

Even if you think your hearing is reasonable, it’s still important to get your hearing tested by a hearing care professional annually. The sooner hearing loss is recognised, the sooner you can take action to prevent it from adversely impacting your life.

One of the most common things we hear our customers say is, “I should have done this years ago!”. Don’t put it off any longer.  Book your free hearing check now.

What to expect at your hearing check?

What to expect at a hearing test

All hearing checks are conducted by a qualified audiology professional. The total consultation takes 60 minutes. During this time we make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The main objectives of the hearing assessment are to pinpoint hearing loss, measure the severity and analyse your ability to hear and comprehend sounds.  The assessment is made up of simple, non-invasive tests that include:

Your audiology professional

After your hearing assessment, your audiology professional will:

Three simple steps to book your free hearing check

  1. Complete the booking form – simply fill in the easy online form
  2. Confirm – Keep your phone handy because we’ll be in touch within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). We’ll confirm your preferred clinic location and book a date and time that suits you.
  3. See you soon! – We look forward to welcoming you at your local Freedom Hearing clinic.
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