Australian Hearing Services Program

Can you access a government hearing aid subsidy to cover the cost of your hearing aids? Freedom Hearing is a Hearing Services Program-accredited provider that may be able to help.

Are You Eligible for Government Subsidised Hearing Aids?

In 1997, the Hearing Services Administration Act established the Hearing Services Program (HSP).

Designed to give access to high-quality hearing aids to everyday Australians, the program has simple eligibility criteria.

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident aged over 21 who is also one of the following:

  • A Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card holder
  • A Department of Veteran Affairs White Card holder for specific conditions related to hearing loss
  • A pensioner concession card holder
  • A dependent of somebody who falls into one of the above categories

Furthermore, you may be eligible for the HSP if you’re a member of the Australian Defence Force or are referred to the under HSP via a Disability Employment program.

Finally, some may be eligible for hearing services under the HSP’s Community Services Obligation component. Our team can help you discover if that is the case for you and refer you to the appropriate providers.

How the Hearing Services Program Works

The HSP is a government hearing loss subsidy that covers the costs of several hearing devices, including hearing aids. It can also offer access to hearing services, such as assessments and annual reviews.

Assuming you’re eligible for the program, you may gain free access to some or all of the following:

  1. 1
    Comprehensive hearing assessments conducted by trained audiologists.
  2. 2
    Annual reviews that advise you on how to manage your hearing difficulties.
  3. 3
    Recommendations from qualified audiologists about the best type of hearing solution for your situation.
  4. 4
    Access to a wide range of subsidised hearing aids, along with advice on how to use those hearing aids.

More about Hearing Services Program

HSP clients also have regular reviews to confirm that their current hearing solution meets their needs. If these reviews find that your hearing aid no longer meets your clinical requirements, you can access a new subsidised hearing aid.

The pros of the HSP are obvious in that the program offers a government hearing loss subsidy. That means no out-of-pocket expenses for technology that helps you rediscover the sounds of life.

The only major drawback is that the HSP isn’t available to everybody. If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria or do not receive a commonwealth pension, Freedom Hearing can help you explore other funding options.

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How Does Freedom Hearing Help

Freedom Hearing is an HSP-accredited provider that can help you to access your government hearing aid subsidy.

Our expert team works with you on every stage of the process, from conducting hearing assessments to finding the right subsidised hearing aid for your needs.

Our simple mission is to help you to rediscover the sounds of life.

As such, we offer personalized care and access to over 50 localities in South Australia, NSW, and Victoria.

Schedule an appointment with our team and we’ll assess your eligible under the HSP.

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Hearing Services Program FAQs

While Freedom Hearing is a private organisation, we work with the Hearing Services Program (HSP), which is government funded

Through this program, Freedom Hearing can provide eligible clients with access to a range of hearing services, including hearing assessments, hearing aids, and related services.

It is best to call us to determine if you are eligible for assistance through government subsidies.

In Australia, eligibility for free or low-cost hearing aids varies by state and territory. In general, people who have a pensioner concession card or a health care card are eligible for free or low-cost hearing aids.

Additionally, some states may provide free hearing aids to children and veterans. It is best to check with the government or health department in your state or territory to determine specific eligibility requirements.

In Australia, the type of hearing aids that are available for free or at a reduced cost to pensioners and seniors will vary by state and territory.

However, generally, the devices provided by the government-funded programs are basic hearing aids, these may be analog or digital, behind-the-ear or in-the-ear devices. They may not have all the advanced features and functionalities of the more expensive hearing aids available in the market.

It is best to call Freedom Hearing to determine the specific types of hearing aids that are available under the free or low-cost program.

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