Industrial deafness

If you have worked in a noisy environment for an extended period of time, you may have noise-induced hearing loss or “industrial deafness”.

Construction is a common industry affected by industrial deafnessWhat is industrial deafness?

Industrial deafness refers to hearing loss that is the result of working for extended periods of time in noisy environments.

According to Safe Work Australia, an estimated one million employees in Australia may be exposed to dangerous levels of noise at work. Even though workplaces are required to provide hearing protection, it is often not enough to prevent damage to the ears.

The industry sectors most commonly affected by industrial hearing loss are:

Freedom Hearing has helped thousands of Australians with hearing loss claims receive their hearing aid entitlements. We assist clients in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

If you think you may suffer from noise-induced hearing loss, you can book a free hearing check at your local Freedom Hearing clinic.

When you undergo a hearing assessment, your clinician can determine the severity of your hearing loss and diagnose whether it is noise-induced or another type of hearing loss.

What do you mean by “hearing loss claim?”

As noise-induced hearing loss is generally permanent and irreversible, sufferers of industrial deafness may seek to make a workers’ compensation claim for monetary compensation and hearing devices.

The Hearing Care Industry Association reports that in Australia, there is an average of 4,500 workers’ compensation claims made every year for noise-induced hearing loss.

What compensation is available?

Compensation entitlements vary from state to state and depend on the extent of hearing loss. Depending on the location, you may be eligible for digital hearing aids and up to $2,100 for every 1 % of industrial hearing loss*.

We recommend seeking legal advice from a legal service provider who specialises in industrial deafness.

Freedom Hearing has unrivalled experience in conducting hearing assessments for workers’ compensation claims. We are familiar with the varying state regulatory requirements and help your claim process go as smoothly as possible.

We provide a complete service from the initial hearing test to fitting your hearing aids when your claim has been approved. We offer hearing rehabilitation support and ongoing maintenance,  which covers any repairs and adjustments you may need. Hearing loss compensation includes a replacement pair of hearing aids every five years and an annual supply of batteries.

If you would like to be tested for industrial deafness,  book a free hearing check or contact us to find out more.

Reviews from industrial deafness customers

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