6 Common Signs of Hearing Loss

February 17, 2021

By Matias Larrain


There are three main types of hearing loss and each form brings on different symptoms. These warning signs can be very easy to miss as hearing loss is a gradual process that develops over time. Here are some common tell-tale signs of hearing loss that may mean it’s time to get your ears checked…


It’s a family inside joke that your TV is too loud

When you’re watching TV with other people, are you straining to hear while others can listen comfortably?  You might also rely on subtitles to get you through the program. If your preferred volume setting is much higher than others in the household, this may be a sign you have hearing loss.


You’re asking “pardon?” a lot

Are you constantly asking people to repeat themselves or to speak more slowly? Maybe when others are talking to you, they seem like they’re mumbling. It’s a common complaint from people with hearing loss that they have the feeling they can hear, but cannot understand conversations around them.


Conversations are tiring

Having to strain to listen in on conversations and exerting so much concentration to understand what people are saying can be extremely draining. Hearing loss can make socialising frustrating. Consciously or subconsciously – you may start withdrawing from conversations or begin to avoid social events all together.


Where did that sound come from?!

You’re driving in your car and you hear a police siren… but which direction did it come from? The ability to tell where a sound is coming from is called sound localisation. People with hearing loss often report uncertainty when trying to distinguish the direction of sound. It may be a sign of hearing imbalance; greater hearing loss in one ear than the other.


Women and children are harder to hear

The older you get, you’re more likely to develop hearing loss in the higher frequency range. Since females and children typically have much higher-pitched voices, it’s usually more challenging to understand what your wife or granddaughter is saying than when your male buddy speaks to you in a deeper tone.


There’s a constant ringing in your ears

A ringing noise in the ear is sometimes the first sign of hearing loss in older people. This perceived sensation of sound in your ears is called tinnitus. People have also described tinnitus as sounding like humming, whistling or cicadas.


If you  relate to one or more of these situations, you may be experiencing some signs  of hearing loss. Request a free hearing check with Freedom Hearing audiology professional now..

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