Do you really need spare hearing aids?

February 8, 2021

By Matias Larrain


Hearing aids wearers are usually amazed by the difference in their hearing when they are fitted with hearing aids for the first time.  Then gradually, without realising it, you become heavily reliant on the many ways that hearing aids enhance your life. Have you ever considered what would happen if you lost your hearing aids?

Just like your eyeglasses or mobile phone, it’s a major inconvenience to be without your hearing aids.

They are devices that allow you to experience life more fully and they connect you to the world around you. If you forgot your mobile phone or reading glasses, it’s a straightforward fix to quickly borrow someone else’s to make a quick call or read a menu. But because hearing aids are customised to your unique hearing requirements, you simply cannot use someone else’s hearing aids if you find yourself without your own.

This is why it’s a smart idea to keep spare hearing aids.

Most people who wear reading glasses understand the importance of keeping a spare pair. Similarly, as hearing aids become an integral part of your everyday life, keeping a “backup” pair has many benefits.

Never miss a moment.

You never have to miss out or worry about not hearing if your main pair of hearing aids unexpectedly stop working or the batteries die.

Enjoy the convenience.

You can also use your backup pair of hearing aids while your main hearing aids are charging or in-clinic for maintenance or repair.

Your peace of mind.

When you travel, you can opt to take only your backup pair or bring both. Having two pairs of hearing aids can be a big help if one stops working properly and you aren’t near our clinics to come in for an adjustment.

How can I get a spare pair of hearing aids?

Other than purchasing backup hearing aids outright, there are various pathways that may make it even easier for you to keep that ever-useful spare set.

Audiology professionals typically recommend replacing hearing aids every three to five years. When upgrading or claiming your replacement hearing aids, it is the perfect opportunity to keep your old devices as a backup.

  • The Commonwealth Hearing Services Program provides subsidised hearing aids to eligible pensioner or veteran card holders. The program includes the flexibility to ensure participants can request replacement hearing aids every five years, when their circumstances significantly change or when there is a clinical need.
  • Industrial deafness claimants who have received hearing aids as a compensation benefit are also generally entitled to a new pair of hearing aids every five years.
  • If you have private healthcare, you may consider utilising any audiology rebates that may be available to you.
  • Freedom Hearing also offers flexible interest-free payment plans to make it simple and affordable to invest in spare hearing aids.

Talk to an audiology professional

Having spare hearing aids has many benefits, especially while travelling, at work or in an unexpected emergency. Ask your Freedom Hearing clinician for advice on how you can obtain a spare set of hearing aids.

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