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You don’t have to wait until you start experiencing the signs of hearing loss before you book a hearing check. Freedom Hearing offers a free hearing test to anybody who wants to maintain their hearing health and get ahead of potential issues.

5 signs it's time to get a hearing check

Any time is a good time to get a hearing check.

But if you notice any of the following signs, prioritise getting your hearing checked:

  • You find it difficult to follow along with the conversation when you’re in a group setting.
  • Other people’s voices often sound muffled or it seems like they’re mumbling.
  • You experience difficulty locating where sounds come from.
  • You regularly find yourself turning up the volume on the TV or radio so that you can hear it.
  • Phone conversations are often unclear, with background noise making it even more difficult to listen to the speaker’s voice.

What Can You Expect at Your Hearing Test?

A hearing check may seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never had your hearing examined before. At Freedom Hearing, we want to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

A free hearing test from us takes 60 minutes and involves several assessments designed to pinpoint hearing loss and measure the severity of your condition. The assessment includes three key tests.

Hearing Test

You’re fitted with sound-calibrated earphones through which you listen to several simple tones. We ask you to press a button based on what you hear.

Speech Discrimination Test

We play individual words through a headset that you will be wearing, we will then ask you to repeat them back to us.

Tympanometry Test

This is a quick and objective test of your middle ear. Our audiologist places a small plug inside your ear to examine how your eardrum moves. We’re also able to check your upper auditory pathways, middle ear muscles, and eustachian tubes.

Think of it as a quick check of all of the equipment your ears use to ensure you can hear sound.

After the test

Once you’ve completed your free hearing test, your audiologist examines your results, diagnoses the type of hearing loss you have, and determines the severity of your condition. They also look into the cause of your hearing loss.

After that, they’ll discuss the results with you and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. This often includes demonstrations of possible treatment options and a discussion of available pathways to treatment, such as a WorkCover application or the Hearing Services Program.

3 Reasons Why Freedom Hearing Is Best for Your Hearing Check

Why choose Freedom Hearing for your hearing check?

  • Our free hearing test lasts for 60 minutes and includes a consultation with an audiologist
  • We personalise our services so we can identify the cause of your hearing loss
  • A Freedom Hearing test is completely free of charge

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Free Hearing Check FAQs

In Australia, some hearing tests may be free or low-cost through the government-funded program called the “Hearing Services Program (HSP)”.

The HSP provides hearing services to eligible Australians, including hearing tests and hearing aids. Eligible individuals include pensioners, veterans, and certain groups of Indigenous Australians.

Additionally, some private audiologists may also provide free hearing tests or discounted rates for hearing tests, but this may vary depending on the location and the audiologist. It’s best to check with us to find out what options are available to you.

In Australia, certain groups of people are eligible for free or low-cost hearing services through the government-funded HSP program.

The HSP provides hearing tests and hearing aids to eligible individuals, including pensioners, veterans, and certain groups of Indigenous Australians.

In Australia, some hearing tests may be bulk-billed or free through HSP. This means that eligible individuals may be able to have their hearing test done without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses or at a reduced cost. Eligible individuals include pensioners, veterans, and certain groups of Indigenous Australians.

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