Introducing the Newly Revamped Freedom Hearing Australia Website

June 7, 2023

By Albert Valino


We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited relaunch of Freedom Hearing’s website – your comprehensive online platform for the latest information, services, and solutions regarding hearing healthcare.

Freedom Hearing Australia has always strived to transform the lives of people affected by hearing loss through access to advanced technology and individualised care. The newly upgraded website carries this mission forward, reflecting a profound commitment to our customers and the community we serve.

Our team has put together an expansive platform filled with a wealth of information that you will find immensely helpful. Whether you are looking for an introduction to hearing health, interested in exploring various types of hearing aid technologies, or seeking a personalised consultation, the new Freedom Hearing website is designed to cater to your unique needs.

Freedom Hearing – Now Bigger and Better

Our newly launched site is more than just an aesthetic makeover. It is bigger, better, and packed with a lot more insightful resources. You’ll find easy-to-navigate tabs leading to informative articles on topics ranging from understanding hearing loss, maintaining hearing health, to the latest advancements in hearing aid technologies. In addition, the site features a comprehensive list of services we offer, helping you make informed decisions about your hearing health journey.

One of the significant upgrades we’re proud of is the integration of an online booking system. Now, scheduling an appointment with our expert audiologists is a few clicks away, saving you valuable time and adding convenience.

We also understand the importance of making our services accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we are soon rolling out an interactive online hearing test. This new feature will allow you to take a basic hearing test from the comfort of your home, helping you to gauge your hearing health before scheduling an appointment with us.

Meanwhile, if you believe that you need an immediate hearing check, you can now book an appointment with us today. Click here to schedule a FREE hearing check

Your Online Community for Hearing Care

Freedom Hearing’s website isn’t just about offering services; it’s about building an engaged community. We have introduced a blog section that will regularly feature articles from our experts, helpful tips, latest news, and advancements in the hearing health industry. We invite you to explore these resources and engage with us in meaningful dialogue.

Another important update is the enhanced FAQ section, which addresses many of your queries and concerns related to hearing health and our services. This section has been developed to offer quick, comprehensive answers to common questions, demystifying the world of hearing health.

We believe that this upgrade has enhanced the Freedom Hearing digital experience, and we’re confident that the revamped website will better serve our community. 

Visit us at and discover the wealth of information, innovative features, and interactive tools we have to offer. 

We are excited to welcome you to this new chapter of Freedom Hearing Australia and look forward to being a part of your hearing health journey.

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