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Freedom Hearing is the hearing aid provider of choice for 20,000+ Australians. We combine amazing technology & personalized care to genuinely transform the lives of everyday people.


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Wetherill Park
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Struggling to hear these days? 

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Providing Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests for Wetherill Park locals  

How our Audiologist at the Wetherill Park clinic can help you. 

Our expert team of hearing specialists are ready to help you, or a loved one, to overcome the effects of hearing loss.

Here's what you can expect when you visit our Wetherill Park Hearing Clinic:

  • Professional advice, by a qualified Audiologist
  • Free, comprehensive hearing tests
  • Personalised diagnostic assessments
  • Discussion of the best hearing aids for your situation
  • Funding options available to you
  • Check to see if you qualify for the Government's Hearing Services Program (HSP) and hearing aids paid for by worker's compensation insurance 

Book your free Hearing test in Wetherill Park.

Many other hearing clinics offer only basic 15-minute hearing tests. 
At Freedom Hearing Wetherill Park, we go the extra mile for you. Our free hearing assessment are comprehensive and take up to 60 minutes.
This is because our audiology professionals are thorough with their testing and take the time to properly discuss your results, your needs and the options available to you. 
A full hearing assessment in a local Wetherill Park clinic, at zero cost? That’s value that is loud and clear.

Hearing aids in Wetherill Park, fitted to you. 

There are dozens of different types of hearing aids, not to mention an array of different hearing aid brands to consider.
Once you've been tested, our local team of hearing specialists at the Wetherill Park clinic will consult with you to check any subsidies you qualify for.
Our Wetherill Park audiologist will then make recommendations around the make and model of hearing aid best suited to your needs.
A final appointment will be booked to fit your hearing aids in the Wetherill Park clinic.  

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Australian Hearing Specialist FAQs

Are hearing tests free or bulk-billed?

In Australia, some hearing tests may be bulk-billed or free through HSP. This means that eligible individuals may be able to have their hearing test done without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses or at a reduced cost. Eligible individuals include pensioners, veterans, and certain groups of Indigenous Australians.

What is the average cost of a hearing aid?

The cost of hearing aids can vary widely, depending on factors such as the type of hearing aid, its features, and the place of purchase.

On average, the cost of a hearing aid can range from $2,000 to $5,000 per ear. It's also important to note that many insurance plans and government programs can help cover the cost of hearing aids.

It is recommended to check with your insurance provider and also consult with a hearing healthcare professional to get a better understanding of the cost.

Does Medicare Australia cover hearing aids?

Medicare Australia does not generally cover the cost of hearing aids for most adults. However, some specific groups of people such as pensioners, veterans, and children under the age of 26 may be eligible for hearing aids at a reduced cost or no cost through the Hearing Services Program (HSP).

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